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I don’t know about you, but every now and then I find myself asking myself “what do you love in life?”.

It took me a very long time before I even stopped to think about me. Always busy with noticing everybody else end thinking about their needs and wants. Nothing wrong with that! However….I forgot about me. Now in the grand scheme of things and on the scale of world disasters it is peanuts. But for me it is an intriguing question. What is it that I love? And does it matter?

Well, maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. But I finally am finding things out about me. I have always loved paper. Pretty paper, paper with different textures and things. Maybe it started with my father. He and his dad owned a publishing company in the 60’s. They did everything by hand and specialized in relief printing. Totally cool! You could feel the part where they had printed being raised when you went over it with your finger. Mostly they created letterheads on business paper in this beautiful way. It was an intricate procedure to produce. Anyway, I digress….

As always a little disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form asked to promote either Chic Sparrow or Cocoa Daisy nor am I paid. I don’t think they know I exist in blog land. I just honestly believe that they are the top of the line out there. They deliver the highest standard of quality, professionalism/ creativity and customer service. 
A couple of years ago I bought a beautilicious traveler’s journal from Chic Sparrow online. I chose the Creme Brulee DeLuxe. The poor thing has taken a beating! It take it everywhere. It is part of the charm in my opinion. I am just a bit annoyed that I seem to have had peanut butter fingers or something when I picked it up, because there is a spot on it that I am afraid to clean.

But that is beside the point. I love love love the thick leather and gorgeous stitching and love she puts in her journals. And I adore my journal! AND I love leather (Yay…number two of my loves)! I had discovered the world of traveler’s journals and the inserts and kits that come with it. Planner world! There are a gazillion videos on Youtube on how to make your own inserts. You can find printable/downloadable ones on Etsy/ Pinterest/anywhere on the internet. There are beautifully designed inserts in all sizes (I have a pocket size or Field note size rather) and there are usually also stickers and stamps and other beautiful things you can order. After having drooled over gorgeous paper and kits and inserts and things on Cocoa Daisy’s website…I finally was financially able to subscribe to their kits! It will start in June! Awesome! A planner insert with corresponding things and bits and bobs to make me happy!

In the meantime I have found my 3rd love! Drawing. I always rather sucked at it, but now that I am getting older and drawing more often, I think it is getting acceptable. Now, I don’t have to impress anyone other than myself and that makes it fun! No pressure! The cool thing is that since I am drawing in my journal, I can see progress over the months (or not so much progress at all..).  And I get to beautify the pages myself. Here is what I have free handed today, inspired by the designs of Cocoa Daisy:

To make a long story even longer….I have found in this fun world that is called Planner World, everything that I had always loved all wrapped up in one. I love pretty paper/ journaling/ decorating and organizing/ leather/ drawing and water color.

I have drawn before, I have loved to journal before and also temporarily put it aside for something else. But I have re-found my loves. My old love is my new love!

Now above all I love the Lord. Of course! And that leads me to another blog post I will write about pretty soon.  It also involves my journal and drawing 🙂


Love like you want to be loved,



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