Sure moved a mountain or two, whew


Let me grab some lemon juice and wipe my brow, before I start. Why don’t you do the same? I don’t mind.

What on earth have I been doing? Well, I boldly went where others went before and jumped into self-hosted-website-setup-get-headache-of-dns change takesforever-make-all-platforms-look-alike mambo digital jumbo. Fun? YES! I learned so so much over the last couple of intense days, that it’s is so ridiculous it should be outlawed. That is my mountain I moved.

Done? Nope…I will probably write a log post soon on the steps it took for me as a newbie to do all this. Wasn’t too hard, just a bunch of things to think of. Security/ third party email redirect/dns server name change because of speed up plug in/ google analytics authentication/choosing a look for the new website (with all kinds of yummie goodies)/adding social media accounts etc…etc..

Why start a self hosted website? Aren’t you happy with this wonderful platform? Oh yes I am very content. For my blog. Plus I have met my wonderful following friends on here! (Sparrow’s hug if you read this, my friend). I just wanted a little more freedom for when the time comes that my online store opens and for choosing plugins and “skin” for the site. So as a fledgling I dared to jump the nest and see if my wings would work well enough. I still stay close to the nest which is, but I dare to go see what the world looks like out there.

A mountain climber does it to prove something to him/ herself, to enjoy the view, to feel on top of the world. I, as a sparrow, flew that way upwards too and even though I haven’t reached the top of the mountain just yet, I am flapping my wings and keep on keepin’ on. Or as my father-in-law usually says: “I’m still scraping along”  :-).

Because of the new look of the website, I put the header on my blog here on as well. Not quite sure if it will stay this way, but for now I am happy. You are warmly invited to check it out and tell me what you think. It would help me enormously. Disclaimer: any darts/ tomatoes/knives thrown at your screen resulting in breaking it, is at your own risk. K?

If your heart strings are pulled and you would love to help a sparrow out:






click on the sparrow on the pencil and tell me what you think 🙂 No hard feelings if you don’t.

Have a beautiful day and remember,  You are somebody’s reason to smile:-)

Be well, be blessed, be you.



For a super affordable, reputable, no nonsense, no sneaky fees or up selling, dependable host with super Customer Service:


Yes they host my website and domain. After a lot of research and comparison (took me a week..I am ridiculously thorough) they were the best. You can check them out by simply clicking the link. No strings attached 🙂 Enjoy!


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