Signs and wonders!

Did the moon turn purple? Did wars end everywhere today? Did I miss something on the news? Well..uh no…the signs and wonders I am talking about are on a small scale in a global perspective, but a HUGE one for little old chirpie me!


This morning when I looked out the window in the back of the house, I saw en entire flock of….sparrows! That’s it? Sparrows? Yep. As long as I have lived here, which is less than a year, I haven’t seen so many sparrows in the yard. Ever. Maybe one or two, but never that many. Why does that make me so excited? For a couple of days now, I have been re-evaluating my goals in life and trying to figure out the path to go. That includes this blog and where I want to go with it. I am fairly new at this and I want to make this a nice comfy place with relevant and creative content on a grab-a-cup-of-coffee/tea/bar of chocolate-and-chirp-with-me level. To be honest, I was frazzle brained for a while. And I prayed, and prayed and talked out loud to Him like I would talk to my husband. While making coffee, or looking at myself in the mirror in the morning when my hair was pointing in all directions but the right one. You know, the morning hair disaster.. Since I see myself as a sparrow in God’s eyes, I felt this flock of “my people” as a sign from Him telling me that I am not alone, and keep going since He’s watching over me. Awesomeness right there!


Then, minding my own business and trying not to forget to press the green button on the card thingie at the register in the store (I’m getting old.. sigh), I heard a lady calling my name. I turned and it was a lady from my church. She said I was on her list to contact, because of a drawing she had seen in my bible. (It is the one op top of this post. I found it somewhere and tried to recreate it. Unfortunately I don’t remember where. I apologize.) Our church is updating their prayer area and she wondered if I would want to create something for people to re-create or get inspired by…my jaw dropped…….Like a doodle, or something similar to what I have in my bible. She had never thought about bible journaling or expressing the Word in a creative manner before, so she felt inspired and now is asking this little sparrow to create something  for church. In a couple of weeks there are going to be young people from out of state and Canada coming here to serve the community. They will be introduced to bible art in that prayer area.

That way, they and everyone else that would like to participate, would be more eager to open their bible and actually read what God has to say. Plus it kind of works like a photo. When you create an image of something you have read, you think about it more deeply in order to give it shape, plus you will remember it more easily. Now needless to say I was flabbergasted, rather flattered and humbled. I could do something that would help spread His Word and make it fun! Me! Of all people! There are so so many very talented people out there, that inspired me. Now I get the chance to inspire others! Now if that is not a wonder…I don’t know what is.

Can’t wait to see the art coming out from the people that might get inspired and will inspire me! I am so so grateful for this opportunity and over the moon happy that I just had to share it with you. And I think that when I have the project completed, I might just share it with you on here. I would love for you to chirp at me and tell me if you would like that.

On that note I say:

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me chirp! (Quite cheerfully!)



p.s. bed hair picture courtesy of



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