Be still…

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There are times, dear chirpies, that I just have to stop my brain from looking for ways to make things happen. Sometimes, I need to remember that He is in control and that He has better and unforeseen ways to do things. Maybe a completely different route for me to follow.

I kind of compare it to making this drawing…the flowers came from free handing them and not thinking too much. Then the lettering…I thought too much about which marker to use (didn’t have the right kind) and went over and over and then the bleeding happened. It used to be a pretty font..before I ruined it. Oh well, another lesson learned.

For now I will just be still and know that He is God and that he will take care of my situation in life. Is is written that the Lord already knows what it is that I need before I even speak it. I have asked and will now be still….


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