Real or fake?


Today, dear fellow chirpies, I haven’t been feeling all that wonderful. Call it Spring tiredness. Since my hubby usually is on the same frequency as I, he had it too. So we took it nice and easy today. Right before dinner, he surprised me with my most favorite flower in life…a Peony. Apparently they sell them freshly cut at the little family owned grocery store around the corner. How sweet of him! And he had nothing to make up for if that is what you are thinking đŸ™‚Â It is the little things that make me feel loved the most.

I had a fake one in my bedroom in the vase in the picture and I thought they would look good together. Also that is the only vase I have that would hold up the flower well. So I put them together. A fake one and a real one. And since my brain is weird, it made me think of life as a christian.

It is rather easy to say I am a Christian. Do I believe in Christ and that He died to pay for the penalty of me sinning? Most definitely. He loves so much! Now…do I walk my talk? Not in order to be saved, but to show His love to others? For reference, read James.. I try, dear chirpies, I try!

Do I help people with food if I see someone doesn’t have anything to eat? Do I give clothes to someone who needs them? Do I help people? Do I forgive? All of that because of sharing Christ’s love or because I am supposed to? Then it would become a heartless must do ritual. Or even worse…give because it make me feel better and because I would like the thank you. It should be pointing to Christ and not feed my ego.

So which flower am I? I am called a Christian, but do I have the characteristics of the real deal? Always good to put myself under the microscope. I don’t want to be like the ones Jesus described as a tomb. White on the outside and rotten on the inside.

On a different note, for the ones who wonder how the baby Purple Finches are doing, this picture was taken today.


Boy, do they grow fast! You can click here for the previous post which has a picture of them in it. There was still an unhatched egg in the nest then!

Thanks for listening to me chirp again!







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