Proverbs 7, wisdom and insight

wreath sister

Today I chose the ESV as opposed to the usual KJV version that I love. I know, consistency disappears with age…sorry about that. I am learning how to make  wreaths of flowers doodle style, and even though this one looks a little wonky, I am happy with it and want to document it just in case I make progress later on. One never knows these things 🙂 If this is visually offensive, I apologize. Medication for that I can’t provide alas.

” Well Sparrow, what is it about”, you ask? This one is about Proverbs 7 and the verse says this: “Say to wisdom you are my sister and call insight your intimate friend“. That is pretty close don’t you think? They should be the things that pull you by the arm when you are about to do something not so clever and talk to you when you need advice. I like that picture of words.

Now the flower theme in the doodle has nothing to do with anything. Other maybe than ” you smell like roses since when you hold wisdom and insight close you can’t go wrong”. Or something along those lines. Still doesn’t explain the bird nor the butterfly, but oh know me and birds. Thanks for understanding 🙂

Have a blessed day dear people and thank you for listening to me chirp again!




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