Live as a goat?


The man in the picture actually did it. He lived as a goat for three days. You can find out more about the story by clicking the photo for the original post.

The reason was that he had no job, had problems in his personal life and:  ‘I guess, I just think perhaps it would be nicer to live a simpler life’.

This to me is the epitome of disappointment in life. Life can be very tough and sometimes we just need a break. Longing for a breath of air, both physically and mentally. No pressure, just be. Much like living in the garden of Eden I imagine, well minus eating grass that is.

How wonderful would that be. And then to have God around! That is the epitome of peace and well being in my book.

So no I wouldn’t want to live as a goat, but to live with Him in a garden of Eden type setting? Absolutely!

pff Petra



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