Proverbs 3, paths of peace doodle.

Proverbs 3 all her paths are peace

Proverbs 3:17. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

My application today:

9 rings…job offer! Front desk/ office support type job.2nd shift. From 3 pm-11.30 pm. 4 days a week. 12.50 an hour! YAY says my brain and I heard my wallet cry for joy. I almost said yes yes yes, and then my foot made its way to my mouth. It is not just my decision. So I told the kind lady that I would get back to her, because I wanted to discuss it with my hubby. She fully understood. He said:”well this is a nice financial opportunity, but I don’t like you being out so late at night. Plus I wouldn’t be seeing you hardly anymore. It isn’t safe and you are worth more to me than the money coming in. But ultimately it is your choice”.  I will sleep peacefully tonight because I didn’t push forward without talking to him and it gave him the opportunity to show me again how much he loves me. I will be thanking God for giving me this man and the opportunities that may come soon.

My interpretation:

The word “her’ refers to wisdom. When you are wise (have biblical understanding on how to live) you will have peace. I think that that is the peace that Jesus said He gives. Unlike the world gives. It surpasses the peace on earth that Miss Universe so originally wishes for. Since the paths point toward the right way and not the wrong one, you will sleep peacefully. That is one example. If your conscience is clear, you will have peace.

One to ponder on for today:-)

(Also I could use some help with getting my hand drawn pictures on here in a better way. Any advice? Chirp to me, please! )

Thanks and have a blessed day/ night.





  1. There is an application called “Awesome Screenshot” that you can look up on the internet. It will take pdf shots of your drawings and with a pdf plugin, you can insert into your blog. You might want to try it. Both are free.

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