Part time believer?

Funny how life is constructed. There is a start and a decline to pretty much everything.

“Nothing lasts forever” is a well known saying. God does though. He was, is and forever will be. Just yesterday I heard a lesson on the Greek written “I am’s ” that Jesus spoke. You can find the first one here. Apparently He used two verbs to describe I am. Ego and Eime. A double I am. Only God used those two when He spoke to Moses in in burning bush. It holds a profound significance.

The Bible is also not  a phase nor a phased out set of books. What do I believe about the Bible?

  • It is His Word, will last forever and will always be relevant.
  • Is is a useful guide for every day life.
  • It reveals His love for us.
  • It explains how we can be saved from the penalty of sin.

Now being a follower of The Way (as Christians were called way back in the beginning of Christianity) is not a phase. Either I am or I’m not. I can grow in knowledge of course and that comes in phases.

Sometimes I hear a sermon on people being a believer on Sunday and the rest of the week is for normal life. That to me is being a part time believer. I think the thing is that one should stay in His word and apply it every day in every situation and Sunday is for corporate worship. So that one is a full time believer.

I do hope that as I age, God will grant me times and phases to grow in knowledge and application of His Word.

Thanks for listening to me chirp,



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