Message from God?

Every night, when I lay down to sleep, I turn on my tablet and listen to sermons or other interesting material. Great moment of the day, since there are no other distractions than my little dog pushing his bone off of the bed. He then looks at me to say…” feel sorry for me…please get my bone off the floor. I am tilting my head so you think I am too cute to deny me that. Then when my bone is back on the bed I am going to do it all over again…” But I digress…

So as I was laying down one night and listened to a sermon or teaching on the subject of dreams, (unfortunately I can’t remember the exact one) it reminded me of a couple of years ago when there was a “course” in my church on how God speaks to you in your dreams. To say I was trepidatious, is an understatement. I still am. Needless to say I didn’t take that course. ” But why?” must you wonder?

It feels too mysterious to me. I think a good and biblical view of God is where I should start, and not the more mysterious ways of Him. God is not one to conceal things, He makes everything clear. The idea that He speaks to one person in a dream, which can be interpreted in various ways, seems not right to me. Even when it comes to speaking in tongues at church, there should be interpreters. (That is a whole new blog for another time). Now I don’t pretend to know all of His ways. I am still studying. The main factor for me is that I don’t want to offer Him as strange a fire as recorded in Leviticus 10:1. It didn’t end well for Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron. Praise God for Jesus, by whom we are allowed to enter His throne room. So too afraid of getting struck by divine fire, I am not.

Still I am careful. Very careful to try to not disappoint Him or even offend Him. I realize that perfection can’t be obtained in this life. It is all Christ, perfect Christ who He sees when He sees us. What a gift!

In the Old Testament God gave a dream to one person and the interpretation to another. Joseph and Daniel are good examples. They learned of the need for interpretation, then they prayed to God for understanding and God granted them that understanding. It all served a greater good. When I study the story all resulted to the birth, death and resurrection of Christ. His blood line was set from the beginning of time, so God created the circumstances to make that all happen. I don’t find references in the New Testament about dreams. To me that means that since Christ was born, died and rose again, there is no need for this type of interpret- able dreams anymore. Now it is up to me to learn how to be in Christ.

Maybe you can help me out, if I am so terribly mistaken. Honestly, I would appreciate your help. I do need prescription readers you know. No pun intended.

Does He work in my life? Oh ABSOLUTELY! Many of my prayers are answered in ways I couldn’t have hoped for. I feel undeserving and grateful. It is all Christ. The reason He even listens to me is because of Christ. The reason I am alive is because of Christ.

So this is where I am now. Maybe there is such a thing as Him speaking to you in dreams. Maybe He knows how I am wired and doesn’t do that for me. I just tend to be super careful because I need to know what ever comes to me is of Him and not some possibly dangerous source.

I am just a sparrow, trying to find my way.

Thanks for listening to me chirp and may God bless you,



Daily prompt: dreams










  1. God only spoke to me once in a dream and it was to warn me that my sister was going to lose her baby. At the time of the dream it didn’t seem clear but when she called in the morning to tell me her baby wasn’t moving, I understood the dream and went right to her home to be with her when she went to the doctor and through an awful ordeal. I believe when He does speak to us it is necessary and not frivolous for sure. 🙂


    1. wow that is a wonderful thing that has happened to you and so you could be there for her. I feel so sorry for your sister. I cannot imagine what it must be like to lose your child. Thank you for your input as I am still learning a lot. Have a blessed evening 🙂

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