The never ending saga of rebellion.

4 years old: “why?”, 15 years old: “you are so old fashioned!” 20 years old: “I can do all this grown up stuff myself!”, 30 years old: “what would my parents think about this? 50 years old:     “ I wish I had listened“.

Not just in my life, but in all generations before us/ me, there has been rebellion. And sorrow because of the results of that rebellion. Now not all rebellion as in the example above is bad. Pushing the parental guide away, so you can become who you are is one.

If you take the wrong road however, the result can be devastating. I see the road of faith as something similar. You see what has been done for you and complain or think you can do better. Similar to God’s experiences with His people. He takes them out of Egypt, they complain about the lack food and accuse Him of leading them into starvation. Of course He provided food…at His time. After all the grand things He has done, they doubted. Even made a statue of gold to make their view of God more tangible and suitable for the needs they thought needed met. And continued to do so. For centuries. A saga of doubt and rebellion.

We have the Bible to show us what happens when we make God into something we think we need.

Let’s not rebel and listen to Him. He is kind and just and quickly to forgive. Let’s return to Him and just trust.





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