Pensive…let me think about that…

Almost two weeks ago my husband, his parents and myself went to an open house at Friesian Connection in Dorr Mi. They were showcasing gorgeous Friesian horses. They are usually completely black and have lusciously long manes. The one in the picture is part Palomino if I am not mistaken. He thought he was beautiful and his attitude showed it! Look at me! Here I am..take a picture, I am posing for you! So my husband did while this stunningly beautiful horse gave him enough time to do so, almost as saying this is my gift to you! It was rather hysterical.

That situation made me think: “ how do I think of myself and how do I portray that thought? “.

For years I had an identity fog. Sure, I had labels. Proud and struggling daughter, loving and occasionally failing mother, adoring get the idea. But who am I, what do I think of myself and what do I want the world to see. Life’s is a stage. All that glitters isn’t gold.

After studying the bible for a while I had an epiphany! I have found that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me! Aside of course of what my husband, daughter and grandchild think of me, it matters what God thinks of me. And how I do at being His ambassador on earth. That not only gives me an identity, but also purpose. It shifts the focus from me to Him and that is what this life is all about anyway. He created us, for Him. And for us who are in Him; it is our goal to let people get to know who He is. So that at some point the goal will be reached:

Psalm 66:4 All the earth shall worship Thee.

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